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Carry on luggage

Southwest Airlines Carry On Rules

The regulations for a Southwest Airlines carry on suitcase are defined purely on dimensions. The carrier publishes its rules so no passenger can go to check in and pretend he or she did not know the restrictions. Southwest carry on luggage should be enough for everyone to travel with all the things they want. The Southwest Airlines carry on liquids rules are clear and will be enforced strictly because of the potential threat they pose to the security of an aircraft. Southwest bag fees are charged when a passenger’s luggage does not comply with the Southwest air baggage policy. As for the weight of your carry on, there is no southwest bag weight limit.

Southwest Airlines Carry On

Southwest carry on rules are defined as a suitcase with the dimensions, 10 x 16 x 24 inches/ 60 x 40 x 25 cm. The airline’s carry on luggage allowance is not defined in terms of weight but each passenger will be expected to store it personally. The baggage may be solid sided or be a soft bag. In the case of the latter, it may well be squeezed into a frame at the check in desk where passengers get their boarding passes.

Additionally, each passenger can carry on a further small piece of hand luggage with a size of 8.5 x 18.5 x 13.5 inches /47 x 34 x 21 cm. as a maximum. Such pieces may be a handbag or small laptop, and in addition a coat or jacket. They should be stored beneath the seat ahead, but if they are too large, they must go in the overhead locker.

Conscious of the possible needs of its passengers, Southwest allows any mobility items on board, as well as umbrellas. In the event that the carry on bags are larger than the defined dimensions, they will not be permitted as carry on luggage. In such case you’ll have to check in your bag or suitcase and pay a fee.

Southwest Airlines Carry On Rules

Southwest carry on luggage regulations apply purely to the main piece of cabin baggage. A personal item within the defined dimensions, things like a handbag, coat, jacket or a bag containing items required for a baby during the flight are unrestricted within reason. On international flights, passengers who do tax free shopping can take their purchases on board. Alcoholic drinks purchased at the tax free shops should not be consumed during the flight.

Southwest Prohibited Items

In recent years, security has been given even greater priority. The strict security rules apply to everything within airport boundaries, buildings, people and aircraft. In terms of Southwest Airlines, its direct responsibility is its aircraft and passengers and it is up to airport security staff to ensure that no one carries any prohibited items through the airport and on to the planes.

Obviously, weapons themselves are banned, and so are things that may be used as a weapon. Sharp things, generally metallic cannot be taken on board; nor can anything that is potentially flammable.

For some time now, airlines have sought to limit the amount of liquid that passengers can take on board. Typically, a transparent container with a capacity of 100 milliliters or less is allowed. The total amount of liquids permitted is 1 Liter and each container should be placed within a transparent bag which is likely to be screened separately. These regulations apply to aerosols and creams as well, something everyone should be mindful of if they wish to take any toiletries in a Southwest cabin bag.

If a ‘’liquid’’ cannot be properly screened, it will not be allowed on board. Tax free shopping is allowed because it comes from an area within a secure part of the airport, but nothing liquid should be opened during the flight.

Southwest Baby Policy

Southwest has further concessions for people traveling with a baby. Up to 24 months old, babies are not required to have their own seat. The baby can travel for free on the lap of an adult (the adult should purchase a ticket). If you do purchase a seat for your baby, an FFA approved seat (car seat) can be brought on board without consequence on the permitted allowances. As a proof of the baby’s age, a birth certificate or shot record can be requested upon check-in if your baby is still under 2 years of age.

Packing Tips for Southwest Carry On Bags

The Southwest carry on allowance takes into account what is reasonable and practical. A full aircraft has a weight limit, and finite available volume. In most instances, passengers will be able to take everything they need with them, but it helps to pack tidily in order to achieve that. Packing at the very last minute does not make sense because it can lead to some important things being left behind. With some good planning a Southwest carry on suitcase should hold enough for everyone. Pouches in the suitcase help; they provide easy access to things that may be needed during a flight without the need to open the whole case.

Folding clothing is often not as good as rolling it up. When it comes to unpacking, rolled clothes are unlikely to be creased and therefore won’t need ironing. They can simply be hung in the wardrobe on arrival at home, or at a hotel.

A sturdy suitcase, on wheels for convenience and ease of moving around, and with those pouches, is the best purchase for travelers. The Southwest Airlines carry on allowance should be fully used and establishing a routine for packing should ensures that.

There is rarely a need to take packaging unless a passenger is carrying a present. Throwing packaging away should create extra space with fragile items easily protected by soft clothing.

Southwest Carry On: Best Bags and Suitcases

Southwest Airlines carry on luggage size is broadly the same as other airlines. While the differences are marginal, every passenger should check the precise Southwest Airlines carry rules in advance to make sure he or she complies with the latest baggage allowances.

Southwest Airlines Carry on rules have been devised so as to balance the need to be fair to passengers when the plane is full. It must be remembered that Southwest Airlines carry on bags are entirely the responsibility of their owners. Since there is no Southwest Airline luggage weight limit, passengers have more choices in terms of carry on bags or suitcases. As long as your piece of luggage complies with the size limits and you are able to handle it without help, you can bring any suitcase, bag or backpack you like.

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