Hi. My name is Kelly Reeves.

I love cookies, crafts, cooking, Hello Kitty, the Internet, karaoke and especially cats.

Present: Content Strategy at Knock Twice & Co-founder of Forced Meme Productions
Past: Founding editor of Urlesque,
Marketing at Outbrain

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I also have a blog for my cats.
Currently obsessed with Bachelor castoffs, David Guetta & Sax Solos.

You can e-mail me at kellaroot at gmail dot com.
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So glad my 4sq tips are getting the attention they deserve. 

  1. buildingaladder said: I read this as R. Kelly in a moment of dyslexia.
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    Ahem, GUY-talian Nachos.
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    Now I regret not leaving my tips about the Italian Nachos.
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    So glad my 4sq tips are getting the attention they deserve.
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