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Carry on luggage

Jet2 Hand Luggage

Jet2 cabin baggage regulations are based upon what the airline feels is reasonable. Obviously, the total weight and volume cannot exceed what the aircraft is capable of taking when full. Each passenger must be able to put their Jet2 hand luggage into overhead lockers or under their seat as requested, and without assistance.

The carrier has regulations which are applied to a Jet2 carry on suitcase or bag; that is both in dimensions and weight for the first piece of luggage. Those regulations are readily available to read on the Jet2 website. Every passenger can take a look at the airline’s carry on rules, without having to login to jet2 intranet.

Jet2 cabin bag size is little different from other airlines (such as Easyjet, Ryanair or Flybe) although there is no actual standard as such across the industry. Consequently, every passenger should check the precise details that apply to every flight they take. The exact Jet2 hand lugage size rules should be observed because the airline will follow its regulations strictly.

Jet2 Cabin Luggage Size

With Jet2 every passenger is permitted one piece of cabin baggage free of charge. The dimensions cannot exceed measuring 56 cm. x 45 cm. x 25 cm. Jet 2 hand luggage allowance is limited to 10 kgs. per piece. That is regarded as quite sufficient for passengers unless they are packing especially heavy items. The baggage can be of various designs and sizes; it may be solid sided or a soft bag that can be squeezed into a frame at check in. Passengers get a boarding pass at check in and hand baggage should be shown to the counter staff.

In addition to the main carry on suitcase, everyone can take one piece of hand luggage such as a handbag or small laptop and a coat or jacket. There is no defined size or weight for this second piece but it must be something that can easily be carried and then stored safely by the passenger under their seat.

If the Jet2 cabin luggage is too large, the check-in staff will not allow it to be carried on board. Fees or charges have to be paid for anything that is overweight and that must be checked in anyway.

Passengers who are traveling internationally are permitted to buy tax free items either at their airport of departure or on board. Such items are allowed beyond the Jet2 prescribed limits for cabin baggage. It must be noted that it is not allowed to consume any duty-free alcohol during the flight.

Prohibited Carry On Items

Security is a major issue in today’s world. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of people, aircraft and property lies with security personnel at the airport. In terms of items that might endanger an aircraft, that means anything that could potentially be used as a weapon, while the restriction on excessive liquids closes another door to people looking to damage aircraft and harm its passengers.

The main thing that airlines will prevent passengers carrying on board are things that are sharp, usually metallic. Clearly, anything that is actually a weapon poses the most danger and cannot be brought in your cabin bag. However, passengers are allowed to bring razors in their carry on.

Liquids can be carried in small amounts, less than 100 millimeters per container and passengers carrying more than one such container should put them all into a larger, and fully transparent, bag with dimensions of 20×20 cm. Airport security can request passengers to open their bag and scan the liquids separately. The liquid restrictions apply to pastes, creams and aerosols.

Traveling With a Baby

As long as your baby is part of the booking, a collapsible buggy or push chair can be carried on to a Jet2 flight without being regarded as part of the luggage allowance. A car seat is treated in a similar way, but must not weigh more than 10 kgs., otherwise Jet2 cabin excess baggage charges will apply. Jet2 does not have a free hand luggage allowance for infants traveling on your lap (baby under the age of two). The items you need for your baby need to be included in your own carry on allowance and should not exceed the size and weight limit for Jet2 hand baggage allowance.

If you want to travel with your newborn, you should wait at least two weeks. The minimum age of an infant needs to be 14 days to be carried by Jet2. The adult traveling with the baby needs to pay the administration charge only. As such the baby travels almost for free on Jet2.

Tips For Packing Jet2 Cabin Baggage

The secret of making the best use of the Jet2 hand luggage allowance is to pack the suitcase tidily so that no space is wasted; Space is valuable when you can take only 10kgs and you have no checked luggage. The best way to pack your Jet2 cabin baggage, and indeed any baggage, is to do so neatly, establishing a routine to follow every time, with the same things put in the same position in the bag each time. Anyone who packs at the last minute is likely to make mistakes, leaving some valuable things at home and taking unnecessary items instead. The Jet2 hand luggage allowance is fair and with thought, every passenger should have no complaints.

A tidy bag is likely to be able to take the maximum allowed. That does not necessarily mean that clothing should be laid flat because that is often not the best way. Clothing that is rolled up in your Jet2 cabin bag or suitcase should not require ironing when it is unpacked; it can be put on hangers and then into the wardrobe ready for later wear. There should be no creases in anything. When your hand luggage has strengthening bars, folded clothing is rarely ideal.

All luggage needs to be durable. It has to be strong enough to avoid handling damage on conveyor belts and during aircraft loading and unloading. Passengers typically buy luggage with wheels and handle and they are part of the overall dimensions that Jet 2 permit. The maximum allowed dimensions for suitcases and bags always include the wheels and handles.

Pouches in suitcases and bags are very useful because it means that some things are immediately accessible without having to open a cabin suitcase. It is worth remembering that packaging is largely used by marketing departments to promote their products. It is of little value when packing, even if an item is a little fragile. It won’t break when surrounded by soft clothing.









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