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Flybe Cabin Baggage

Flying a budget carrier means you’re saving money on your trip that you can spend on your destination rather than your journey. Whatever your reason is to book a flight with a low cost airline like Flybe, their budget flights give you so much more value for money! A big challenge when you’re traveling ‘low fare’ is having a comfortable trip with the allowable free carry on luggage. In this guide we’ve summarized the do’s and don’ts to efficiently pack your Flybe cabin luggage in compliance with the allowance and restrictions of the airline.

About Flybe

Flybe started off in 1979 as Jersey European Airways, servicing the United Kingdom crown dependency of Jersey. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the former British European airline was rebranded as the budget fare airline Flybe in 2002. Today, the airline operates routes to over 60 destinations in 9 countries, serving 7 million passengers every year. Flybe is the champion of UK domestic flights. Through its low-cost position and great deals, travellers often pay less to fly than catching a train. Traveling to Menorca for example is cheaper than catching the train from Newcastle to London!

Flybe Hand Baggage Size

Flybe’s budget offerings come with allowable hand luggage standards. Passengers traveling with the low fare airline are entitled to a standard cabin bag with maximum dimensions of 55 cm Height x 35 cm Width x 20 cm Depth. Together with your additional personal item you’re allowed to bring, the total weight should be no more than 10 kg. While these dimensions can vary per carrier, these cabin baggage size restrictions have become the standard for most Flybe Carriers due to the available space in the overhead cabins.

Personal Item: Allowance and Size

It should be noted that Flybe allows each passenger a small personal item, in addition to the carry on baggage that they are expected to stow in the overhead cabin. Items you can consider as a personal accessory are handbags, briefcases, and laptop bags. While there are no specific measurements for the personal item, you can expect that you will be required to fit it in the space under the seat if front of yours for safety precautions during take-off and landing. As mentioned above, each bag does not have a specific weight limit but their combined weight should not be more than 10 kg.

Electronic Devices in Flybe Cabin Baggage

Aside from the usual electronic devices you can bring on board, Flybe has rules about battery-powered gadgets. Lithium batteries are usually not allowed to be brought into the cabin as they can cause interference. As for devices, larger gadgets like laptops are allowed to be used during the flight, but must be stowed under the seat during take-off and landing.

Flybe Hand Luggage Allowance

Flybe’s cabin baggage and personal item allowance is actually a very generous standard compared to other airlines. Whereas some carriers, like Air France or Cathay, strictly adhere to a 7 or 8 kg carry on limit, Flybe cabin baggage allowance is 10kg.

Note however that the allowed 10kg should include both your carry on baggage and your personal item. As most personal items would weigh 1 to 2 kg, you still have 8 to 9 kg of space to fill up. Maximize the allowance by going for suitcases made of lightweight yet sturdy materials – it’s an investment worth its money if you plan to fly Flybe and other budget carriers with carry on only.

Be aware of the items you pack into your suitcase as you can be charged extra if they do not comply with the guidelines! Before boarding your cabin luggage – bag, suitcase or backpack – is screened by airport security. If you carry any prohibited or restricted items, you can be asked to leave the items at the airport or have your lugagge checked in. To avoid frustration and additional costs we have summarized the Flybe hand luggage rules for you. Check this overview before packing your suitcase!

GuidelineCarry on
# of Bags Allowed1 suitcase and 1 personal item
Size Limit55 cm Height x 35 cm Width x 20 cm Depth (including handles, wheels, and side pockets)
Weight LimitMaximum of 10 kg combined weight for standard cabin bag and personal item
Additional Accessories Allowed1 personal accessory
Liquids Allowed100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. per container. Total volume of the bag 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz. Dimensions bag: 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 in

Flybe Hand Luggage Restrictions: Liquids

  • Toiletries such as perfume, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving foam, and lip gloss may be boarded in the Flybe cabin baggage, provided that they are packaged in containers not exceeding 100 ml in size.
  • The liquids must be packaged in a resealable transparent plastic bag with a capacity of 1 L or 20 cm x 20 cm in dimension. This bag must fit in your hand luggage or your personal item.
  • E-cigarettes are allowed in the cabin, but you can’t use them during the flight. Bottles of their refills (nicotine) are not allowed on the plane (not in the cabin baggage nor the hold luggage).

Flybe Cabin Baggage Liquids Baby or Child

The Flybe regulations on carrying liquids in the cabin are strict, but do not apply to baby milk or food that you need for your infant.

  • You are allowed to take as much breast milk or formula as you need on your flight without worrying about the 100ml restriction for liquids.
  • You are even allowed to bring boiled water for your baby on board to prepare baby formula.
  • If you’re taking liquids other than food or medicine for your baby, the 100ml restrictions apply. This is the case for sun block, baby lotion and other baby toiletries that you might want to pack for your child.

Flybe Cabin Baggage Destinations

Flybe offers flights to cooler summer destinations around Europe. The UK might not experience the best weather year round, but they have good deals on amazing itineraries that could interest you in a suitcase-only trip. Here are some of the destinations they have that promise you a light-packed adventure!

  • Southwest England holds the sunny side of the country in Devon and Dorset, by setting sights on a trip to
  • If you’re looking to soak up the sun on European shores, Flybe’s flights around several destinations can send you to a bright vacation in Ibiza or Croatia!

The fair weather in these destinations require less layers and rain protection, giving you more freedom with what you will pack into your carry on.

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