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Emirates Hand Luggage

Traveling in style doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Emirates may be known as one of the most luxurious carriers in the world, but they also have wonderful deals for flights and destinations. It also doesn’t hurt to save money by utilizing the free allowable hand luggage allowance Emirates flyers have been privileged with. Flying carry on helps you save money on checked luggage, save you from long claim lines, and prevent your items from getting stolen or damaged. Wondering what you can take in your Emirates Hand Luggage? Or maybe the Emirates hand baggage rules for razors? We’ve summarized the hand baggage rules for you.

About Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is the fourth largest airline in the world. The company started as a response to lack of services in Dubai in the 1985, with support from the royal family. They first expanded their market within the Middle East and Africa, to London, Frankfurt and Male in the Maldives, all within their first decade. The impressive growth and stellar services boosted their image as one of the premier airlines in the world. With their own Frequent Flyer Program, Emirates Skywards, travelers can earn and spend miles with emirates and a wide selection of partners including the airlines Easyjet, JetBlue and Jet Airways.


What are the Emirates Hand Luggage Rules?

What you can carry on board with you during your flight greatly depends on the flight class of the ticket you got.

  • For Economy Class travelers, you are allowed one piece of carry on baggage that will fit in the overhead bin, following the dimensions of 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm and a maximum weight of 7 kg.
  • The Emirate Business Class hand baggage allowance is considerably more generous, as it allows you to bring 1 briefcase/garment bag as a personal item in addition to the carry on baggage item. This briefcase must fit in the dimensions 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm, or should you choose a garment bag, it should be at most 8 inches thick. Both carry on items must be no more than 7 kg, so combined you have a total allowance of 14kg.
  • Did you shop duty-free? Your purchases will be included in this weight restriction but will be passed from the liquid restriction, provided that you comply with the security requirements.
  • Is a laptop bag allowed in Emirates flights? Unfortunately, a separate personal item – in addition to the one allowed in Business class – is not included in the Emirates carry on policy. Your laptop, gadgets, and other small peripherals will have to be tucked into the cabin baggage and stowed in the overhead bins for the duration of the flight. You may be able to use your laptop and other gadgets for the duration of the flight, but you cannot hold onto a separate bag that contains it.


Emirates Hand Baggage Allowance

The Emirates weight allowance for carry on of 7 kg is actually standard for most airlines all around the world. While on the lower end of the spectrum, many airlines have adopted this limit. This has worked for a number of cabin baggage only travelers, so you may be able to adapt to the challenge as well.

However, your packing plans may be aggravated by the fact that you will not be allowed a personal item to have on hand for the duration of the flight. You will have to factor in your laptop, camera gear, and more. That could easily knock 3 to 4 kg from your allowable weight, making it a considerable challenge for budget travelers.

One way to get around this problem is to ensure that your suitcase doesn’t weigh more than it has to. Full-fledged hard case suitcases can weigh at 1 to 2 kg now, a far and lightweight cry against 4 to 5 kg carry on suitcases of the past! These are great investments if you consider yourself a carry on traveler.

Another way is to pass up on some of the heavier gadgets during your travel period. If your work and communications can be accomplished via your phone or your tablet, you might be able to leave your laptop at home. This way you also shield it from possible damage and loss as well.

Emirates Carry On Luggage Dimensions

While the Emirates may have strict rules when it comes to carry on, there are always ways to go around this if you’re a savvy traveler! Follow this short and comprehensive guide to make sure you hit all the requirements.


 Carry on/ Hand Luggage
# Bags Allowed1 carry on baggage for Economy Class travelers
2 carry on items (including briefcase, handbag, OR garment bag) for First Class and Business Class travelers
Size LimitCarry on baggage: 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm
Carry on briefcase: 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm
Carry on handbag: 55 cm x 38 cm x 20 cm
Carry on garment bag: 8 inch thick
Weight LimitMaximum of 7 kg for 1 carry on baggage for Economy Class travelers
Maximum of 7kg for each piece of carry on, with a total of 14kg allowable onboarding weight for First Class and Business Class travelers
Additional Accessories AllowedNo additional accessories allowed other than designated carry on luggage.
Liquids Allowed100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. per container. Total volume of the bag 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz. Dimensions bag: 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 in

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