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Delta Carry On

Delta had humble beginnings. As a crop dusting operation under the name of Huff Daland almost a century ago, the company has grown to become a globally recognized player in the airline industry. With its headquarters in Atlanta Georgia, Delta today carries 160 million passengers annually throughout the world. Its history is very much intertwined with Boeing that itself is about to celebrate its Centenary. Delta bought its first Boeing in 1970 and has an extensive fleet of Boeings in the skies every year.

Delta carry on rules cover weight restrictions as well as bag dimensions. In this article we have summarized the general standards for Delta with regard to instruments, kids and infants, liquids and size and weight restrictions for your hand carry suitcase or bag. The most important rule for your Delta carry on is: one carry-on bag and one personal item onboard at no charge.


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What Are the Delta Carry On Size Rules?

Delta carry on luggage for storage in the lockers above the seat should not exceed the dimensions of 22″ x 14″ x 9″ or 56 x 35 x 23 cm. You can check if your hand luggage meets these requirements at the reference size check templates located at the ticket counters and gates. There is no Delta carry on weight allowance for the vast majority of flights but each passenger will be expected to be able to place their luggage in the locker without assistance. The dimensions are the limiting factor for weight, assuming passengers are carrying typical items needed for their journey. There are a small number of Asian destinations where there is a weight restriction, broadly South Korea and China where it is 10 kgs., and Singapore 7 kgs. Such exemptions emphasize the fact that passengers should always check the allowance on their specific flight. If the baggage is too large, it will not be allowed as carry on size luggage.

Delta carry on rules also allow each passenger to have a further personal item, such as a handbag, small laptop or briefcase. Items such as a coat or jacket, duty free purchases, crutches and wheelchairs or requirements for a baby (child restraint seat, car seat and stroller) do not count as personal items and can be brought as ‘ freebies’.



What Are the Delta Carry On Dimensions?

Passengers need to know what size carry on is allowed on Delta and they should always check the size and weight allowance when they buy their ticket, and recheck before heading to the airport for departure. Delta’s regulations vary little from other airlines in Europe, Asia or the US, such as Aeroflot, Cathay Pacific or Southwest Airlines.  Though there is not a standard across the whole industry. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) would very much like to standardize things but it has no power to implement anything. It would certainly help passengers and suitcase manufacturers if that were possible. The differences are not major but they do exist. It bears repeating that everyone should check any Delta carry on weight rules to be certain that they comply.

Delta cabin baggage rules are based upon what is thought to be reasonable as well as what is possible to store in the overhead lockers when the plane is full.

 Carry on/ Hand Luggage
# Bags Allowedone carry-on bag and one personal item onboard at no charge.
Size Limit22" x 14" x 9" or 56 x 35 x 23 cm.
Weight LimitNot mentioned, but you should be able to carry your own suitcase without help.
Additional Accesories Allowedone perspnal item such as a handbag, small laptop or briefcase. Items such as a coat or jacket, duty free purchases, crutches and wheelchairs or requirements for a baby (child restraint seat, car seat and stroller) do not count as personal items and can be brought as ‘ freebies’.
Liquids Allowed100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. per container. Total volume of the bag 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz. Dimensions bag: 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 in


What Is The Delta Carry On Allowance? 

Delta wants its passengers to enjoy flying with it, and strives to satisfy their needs. Delta carry on allowance relates purely to the main carry on suitcase. The other items allowed on board can simply be stored conveniently on boarding. On international flights most passengers buy duty free items. These are obviously permitted in the cabin, but under no circumstances should any alcohol be consumed during the flight.


Which Items Are Prohibited in Carry On?

The subject of safety and security is given top priority by Delta security and all airport staff. The aim is to create a 100% safe environment, both in the airport and on board. As a result, security personnel seek to ensure that nothing that could be used as a weapon is carried by any passengers or people in the airport. Specifically relating to Delta, it does not allow anything sharp in cabin baggage, nor liquids except if they comply with the airport carry on rules. Passengers should also keep in mind that TSA rules allow razor blades in carry on if they are disposable razors. Safety razors are not allowed since the razor blades are very easy to take out. If you’re using safety razors to shave, put them in your checked luggage beforehand.

All liquids, gels and aerosols are treated in a similar way. None may be carried in a quantity exceeding 100 ml, other than approved medication and baby milk (formula or breastmilk), and each must be in a transparent container. All such containers then need to be placed into a single transparent container, no greater than quart-size.

Everyone should bear these Delta carry on rules when they pack to avoid delays and should remove that specific container from baggage for scanning separately.


5 Tips for Efficiently Packing

The Delta carry on allowance should be enough for most flyers as long as the luggage is packed tidily. Those packing in a hurry at the last minute are liable to throw things into the suitcase without a great deal of thought.

  1. Planning and establishing a routine can make all the difference. After you’ve established a routing, you can pack quickly the next time you’re leaving for a short trip with carry on only.
  2. Pouches in a suitcase certainly help because it means that some things are easily accessible without having to open the whole case. You can use these pouches for packing underwear.
  3. Sometimes, folding clothing is not as good as rolling it up. Rolling it should ensure it does not require any ironing when the suitcase is unpacked. It is just a matter of hanging the things in a wardrobe.
  4. The best way to pack shoes is to put them into two different bags, as it makes it easier to organize your remaining luggage. This is especially the case for bulky shoes.
  5. Packaging becomes superfluous once an item is purchased. Unless the suitcase includes a wrapped present, there is no need to take any packaging. It simply takes up space and anything that may be slightly fragile can be protected by the other contents of the luggage.

Routine is the secret and it may take a few attempts for people to decide the best way to pack luggage. Anyone who finds a good way to pack should then place the various items they are taking in exactly the same way in the Delta carry on luggage the next time around. In that way, it is unlikely that any space is wasted. It clearly makes sense to use the full Delta carry on allowance.

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