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Carry on luggage

American Airlines Carry On

The American Airlines carry on policy on suitcases applies to dimensions and weight. The airline publishes its regulations so that passengers are aware of what they can bring before they start packing. American Airlines carry on allowance should be sufficient for most passengers to take all things they will need for their trip. The question ‘’Does American Airlines charge for carry on luggage?’’ is easily answered. No, as long as the luggage conforms with the American Airlines carry on rules. In the following sections we inform you about the details with regard to AA liquid allowances, hand baggage rules for your baby or child, and the size and weight of your carry on.


American Airlines, based in Fort Worth Texas, is the main airline with the Group, which together with its regional partner, American Eagle, flies to around 350 destinations worldwide, multiple North American cities and over 50 countries. Its stock was recognized as the best business turnaround by Fortune magazine and is listed in the S&P Index. It is one of the largest airlines in the world.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is part of their fleet, quite a contrast to the plane that Charles Lindbergh flew back in 1926 which was seen as the forerunner to the airline that was founded four years later to carry mail throughout the USA.

Carry On Policy

American Airlines carry on rules allow each passenger to have hand luggage with dimensions of 22 x 14 x 9 inches/ 56 x 36 x 23 cm which includes handles and any wheels. American Airlines carry on baggage weight limits are not defined though the dimensions themselves are limiting; they should be quite sufficient for any passenger packing standard items. If the piece of luggage has solid sides, passengers need to be aware that they may be asked to put it into a solid frame when they check in to get their boarding pass. If it is a soft bag, it can be squeezed into the frame unless it contains something that might break or that is especially fragile. It must be able to be stored under a seat if not the overhead lockers.

Each passenger can also take on board something like a handbag or small laptop, together with a coat or jacket. If the suitcase, bag or backpack is too large either in weight or dimensions, it will not be permitted as carry on luggage. If that results in a passenger effectively wanting to take too much weight, there will be fees to pay.

Passengers traveling with small children will be allowed a diaper bag if required. An outline of the carry on luggage size American Airlines offer can be found below:

 Carry on/ Hand Luggage
# Bags Allowed1 personal item and 1 bag (Basic Economy customers are only allowed 1 personal item. All other bags must be checked)
Size Limit22 x 14 x 9 inches / 56 x 36 x 23 centimeters (including handles and wheels)
Weight LimitNot mentioned, but you should be able to carry your own suitcase without help.
Additional Accesories Allowed1 personal accessory. Dimensions should not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm ). Diaper bags (1 per child), child safety seats, strollers and medical or mobility devices don’t count as your personal item or carry-on.
Liquids Allowed100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. per container. Total volume of the bag 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz. Dimensions bag: 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 in

American Airlines Carry On

There is little difference between the size and weight of carry on baggage for American Airlines and other airlines. At present the calls for a standard size across the airline industry are being ignored although the International Air Transport Association (IATA) would certainly prefer to have that in place. It would make sense and help both passengers and suitcase manufacturers. While there are few differences, passengers should pack in compliance with the American Airlines carry on baggage weight limit restrictions before departing to the airport for their journey.

American Airlines carry on size luggage represents something that is thought to be fair to each passenger, and what can be carried by the plane when it is full. As for the weight allowance, each passenger is expected to carry their own American Airlines hand luggage and be able to store it for themselves. There are no specific restrictions for the maximum allowed carry on weight. Another Airline with a similar policy is EasyJet. This Low budget airline does not have a maximum allowed weight for carry on.

Does American Airlines Charge for Carry On?

There is no charge for carry on that meets the regulations laid out by the airline. Personal items like a handbag, coat or a bag with things needed during a flight for an infant are allowed without limitation. This means that you can take boiled water and formula for your infant without worrying about the 100ml restriction for liquids. Travelers on international flights often do tax free shopping and that may be taken on board as well though it is strictly forbidden to consume any duty-free alcohol during the flight.

Carry On Size

The size and weight of carry on baggage for American Airlines should be enough for most passengers most of the time if the luggage is packed neatly. Space is valuable and it is important to make best use of it and that means leaving things out that you are unlikely to need. Last minute packing should be avoided if possible. Those who pack in a hurry are likely to leave something behind. With good planning, American Airlines hand luggage should contain everything wanted and required. Pouches are always useful in the suitcase because they allow easy access to things that may be needed during the flight.

It is worth practicing packing your carry on suitcase to find out the best place to put particular things to make best use of the space, and then sticking with that routine once it seems to maximize the space. Folding clothing in hand luggage is not always the best way to pack. If clothing is rolled it will not crease and when it is unpacked after the flight, those same clothes can be hung in the wardrobe ready for use.

Prohibited items in American Airlines hand luggage

Passenger safety is an absolute priority in the airline business and airport security personnel’s responsibility is to ensure that no one is carrying any potentially dangerous items in their suitcase. Items that are prohibited include anything that could be construed as a weapon or a weapon itself. That means something sharp, metallic or liquids. Regulations relating to liquids vary little in the airline industry. American Airlines allows individual liquids in transparent containers up to a volume of 100 milliliters. Passengers may have more than one such container and they are likely to be screened separately to ensure they pose no threat. Aerosols and creams come under these same rules. These are things to remember when packing toiletries for your AA hand luggage. There are exceptions for medication and baby milk. Whether you’re flying with a European, Asian or US airline, food and drinks for your infant is always allowed without restrictions in your cabin baggage.

Best Suitcase for Hand Luggage

Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, choosing a suitcase is an important buying decision. The best cabin baggage suitcase should be durable, with multiple pouches and ideally on wheels. It should not be too heavy; remember that passengers are generally expected to lift their carry on baggage into overhead lockers. The Airline’s carry on policy puts the responsibility for hand baggage entirely on the passenger. AA carry on rules encourage everyone to pack sensibly and maximize the allowances.

Packaging is one of the ways that marketing personnel try to attract customers. It is rarely needed once items are purchased and simply takes up space in the luggage. All packaging should be discarded as a suitcase is packed because in most cases it is just taking up space that you need for real essentials.

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