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Alitalia Carry On

Logo AlitaliaIf you’re one of the brave souls who love to challenge their definition of packing essentials, then travelling with only a carry on must be normal for you. It’s a great way to cut down the stuff that you bring with you on each trip. Saving on checked luggage costs and skipping long waits is just a huge bonus! Are you looking for answers to questions like “Can I bring food in hand luggage?” or ‘ Can you take a razor in hand luggage?” Then our guide on carry on luggage will help you out to pack smart for your Alitalia trip!

About Alitalia Airlines

Societa Aerea Italiana – better known as Alitalia – is Italy’s flag carrier airline. From its first international flight take-off as Alitalia-Aereilinee Italiane Internazionali in 1947 with 38 passengers, it has boosted its activity throughout history. In 1960, as the official carrier for the Rome Olympics, Alitalia recorded 1 million passengers in a single year. Building on its brand and gearing itself for an improved future, they have continuously pushed efforts into becoming one of the leading airlines in the industry, with one of their main thrusts being their flyer’s comfort and enjoyment. This focus is also found in their reasonable Alitalia cabin luggage guidelines implemented in the domestic and international flights.

Alitalia Carry On Size and Weight

Alitalia has declared its flights an allowable carry on luggage size of 55 cm Height x 35 cm Width x 25 cm Depth. There is also a maximum Alitalia hand baggage allowance weight of 8 kg. The dimensions take into account the handles, side pockets, and roller wheels of the luggage. These dimensions can be considered standard for the airline industry as a whole, with small differences from carrier to carrier. These dimensions are set to the standard size of the overhead cabin of the aircraft that you will board.

Alitalia Hand Baggage Allowance for Personal Items

Alitalia also allows each flyer a personal item, in addition to the carry on luggage. This would include accessories such as briefcases, laptop computer bags, and purses or handbags. This personal item should strictly follow the dimensions of 36 cm Height x 45 cm Width x 20 cm Depth. These dimensions are set small enough to fit the space under the seat in front of you during the flight, for take-off and landing safety purposes.

It should be noted that Alitalia prohibits boarding the plane with small electronic devices that require the use of lithium batteries, namely hover boards and segways. They cannot be in checked luggage either. The airline is strict about their carry on policy, thus they will have special security personnel at the check-in counter do a thorough check and tagging of your items for boarding.

Prohibited Items in Alitalia Cabin Baggage

Standard airport security personnel mandate is to search suitcases boarding the plane for any prohibited items. This includes some dangerous items such as weapons and flammables, but it could also include some liquids.

Be sure to check your liquid container capacities and other necessary items, as the Alitalia staff may ask you to leave these items at the airport before take-off.

Carry On Allowance: Weight

Overall, 8 kg Alitalia baggage weight guidelines are standard dimensions and weights for most mainstream carriers currently in operation. Some regular airlines and budget carriers may even leave you with only 7 kg for international flights, making Alitalia generous in this aspect of their flight basic amenities.

One of the main ways to take advantage of Alitalia’s baggage restrictions is to purchase a lightweight carry on suitcase. The standard small size suitcase can weigh up to 4 kg, cutting your allowable Alitalia baggage weight in half. Consider soft bodied luggage with light yet sturdy skeletal systems within. If you do not have back issues, you can also consider traveler’s backpacks that still fit it the size restrictions set to allow for optimized fit in the overhead cabin.

Alitalia Baggage Restrictions

Worried that your original packing list won’t make the cut due to restrictions in size and weight of your hand luggage? Plan ahead and check out this short summary to make sure you won’t violate any Alitalia baggage guidelines when you arrive at the airport!

 Carry on
# of Bags Allowed1 suitcase for Light. Economy, Premium Economy. Business, and Comfort flight class travelers
Size Limit55 cm Height x 35 cm Width x 25 cm Depth (including handles, wheels, and side pockets)
Weight Limit8 kg
Additional Accessories Allowed1 personal accessory not exceeding of 36 cm Height x 45 cm Width x 20 cm Depth
Liquids Allowed100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz. per container. Total volume of the bag 1 liter / 34.8 fl. oz. Dimensions bag: 20 x 20 cm / 7.8 x 7.8 in

Alitalia Liquids in Hand Baggage

Alitalia allows some liquids in a capacity of more than 100ml. This is specifically the case for baby formula, breast milk and other baby food. In addition medicine and dietary food is also allowed. Summarized it’s important to keep the following in mind when packing liquids in your cabin baggage:

  • Liquids in containers with a capacity not larger than 100 mL or 100 g need to be placed in a clear plastic bag not larger than 1 L in size.
  • Medicines and food for special diets or infants can be brought without limitations but must be accompanied with documentation for authenticity of passenger’s need for the items (having your baby with you during the flight suffices as proof)

For any liquids bought from duty free shops, provide the receipt and make sure that it is sealed off until you arrive at your final destination. If you are on a connecting flight, be sure to inform the security personnel so that they can accommodate your items in a new security bag.

Best Alitalia Carry On Destinations

Looking for destinations that can be tackled with a single Alitalia cabin baggage? Despite being a flag carrier airline, Alitalia serves a number of offers and budget friendly flight tickets for smart travelers everywhere.

Tropical and beach destinations mean you don’t have to bring bulky coats and sweaters. Soak up the tropical sun in light and breezy outfits that are sure to fit into a standard small Alitalia hand luggage. Take the “Light” Travel Class on these destinations:

  • Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Maldives, a seasonal Alitalia destination starting October
  • No need to bulk up on cold-resistant wear in sunny Los Angeles

In conclusion, Alitalia hand luggage restrictions don’t have to mean bogging down your trip with more hassle and fees. Be a smart flyer and traveler by learning more about their suitcase guidelines and plan ahead.

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