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Air Canada Carry On

Air Canada Airline
Canada’s flagship airline and its regional partners carried almost 45 million passengers in the last calendar year, a far cry from the 2 it carried in its first flight in 1937. Today’s schedule involves flying direct to around 200 airports on six continents. As a founding member of the Star Alliance, it provides an excellent service to its passengers. Its name was changed to Air Canada on privatisation in 1989, and as of now, its shares are traded on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and on OTCQX International Premier in the USA. Employing 30,000 people, it is one of the largest airlines in the world. It is keen to ensure its passengers have a service to match all other airlines, and that is reflected in the Air Canada carry on baggage regulations.

Carry On Luggage Size Air Canada

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) would like to see the standardisation of baggage regulations across the airline industry, and there is little doubt it would help passengers because then they would know exactly what is permissible. It would certainly aid luggage manufacturers as well.

As it is, passengers should check the carry on luggage size Air Canada allows so that there are no problems when they check in and get their boarding pass.

Air Canada Carry On Size

When it comes to carry on luggage size Air Canada defines the maximum for their suitcase as 55 cm. x 40 cm. x 23 cm. There is no standard size within the airline industry though the variations are minimal. Passengers are expected to be able to load their Air Canada hand luggage into the locker above them. If it has a soft frame then it can be squeezed into a fairly tight space as long as there is nothing particularly fragile inside. It may need to be squashed into a frame at check-in if asked to do when flyers are obtaining their boarding pass before passing through airport security.

A small piece of additional hand luggage is also permitted. The maximum size for this piece of Air Canada carry on personal item is 33 cm. x 43 cm. x 16 cm. It may be a laptop or a handbag; there are a few things mentioned in Air Canada’s regulations that provide an idea of the airline’s thoughts on acceptable personal items.

Prohibited Items in Air Canada Hand Luggage

The responsibility of airport security personnel is to ensure the safety of everyone in the airport, whether they are passengers, airport staff or simply visitors. When it comes to items that they seek to prohibit from coming into the airport, and getting on to a flight, they include any dangerous items such as weapons, and in the case of Air Canada hand luggage, anything sharp and excessive liquids, including aerosol.

Passengers seeking to carry liquids, and that includes toiletries, cannot take more than 100 ml in any single container which must have a secure top; no one wants a leak so that is entirely logical anyway. The container should be transparent so that it is obvious what is being carried.

Travellers may buy any liquids once they have passed through security checks but none should be in containers of more than 100 ml so as to comply with Air Canada carry on regulations.

Air Canada Carry On Allowance

Passengers that have a baby with them can carry a bag containing any essentials for the care of the baby without that counting towards any Air Canada carry on allowance. In additional, most travellers do some tax free shopping if they are taking an international flight. A bag holding that tax free shopping is permitted but it is strictly prohibited to open any liquids and consume them during the flight though properly packed food or snacks is fine.

How To Pack Air Canada Carry On Baggage

Space is valuable is it is certainly worthwhile learning how best to use it so that nothing has to be left at home that might be needed. Last minute packing may result in that and if everything is quickly thrown into the Air Canada carry on baggage, it is likely that something will be forgotten. In addition, when it comes to unpacking, clothes may be in a real state and in need of ironing. Proper planning and the Air Canada hand luggage will be neat and tidy. After passengers leave the airport and get a taxi to their hotels, unpacking will not be a problem. They will be able to hang their clothes in the wardrobe and they will be ready to wear without the need for ironing.

If there are pouches in the Air Canada carry on suitcase, flyers will have immediate access to the things that may be wanted during the flight. Within the suitcase itself, it is sometimes best to roll up clothing depending on its design though if it is flat, it may be worth packing things flat because there will be no loss of any space by doing that.

Therein lies a question; what hand baggage to buy in the first instance. It needs to be sturdy whether it will be used by a regular traveller or not. Ideally it will have wheels but bear in mind that adds to the size of the luggage and it will need to comply with Air Canada carry on allowance restrictions. It should not be too heavy however because personal effects may push the weight towards the limits. Establishing a routine for packing that seems to fit the bill makes sense and once that is done, it should be the same routine every time. Placing things in a particular order into the suitcase should result in making best use of the space.

Even though many consumer products come with fancy packaging these days, that is purely because of marketing people. Disposing of unnecessary packaging, should create more space and weight available.

Air Canada Cabin Baggage Regulations

Air Canada carry on size hand baggage regulations reflect its wish to allow its passengers to carry what they each need without allowing them to take advantage. The dimensions of the Air Canada carry on luggage are defined and generally in line with what the other airlines in the world allow. The company is a member of the Star Alliance, a group of 28 airliners combined. Air New Zealand is one of the airlines that’s part of the group. The Air New Zealand Carry on rules are also listed on

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