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Carry on luggage

Aer Lingus Cabin Baggage

Ireland’s flagship airline is now wholly owned by the International Airlines Group (IAG), a Spanish registered company listed both on the Spanish and London Stock Exchanges. British Airways and Iberia are also within this powerful group though each airline retains its own identity. Flyers with Aer Lingus can expect to find a series of routes, domestic flights and international flights to the UK, Europe and North America. Some of the regulations relating to Aer Lingus baggage vary depending upon the destination involved and the time of the year. Europe is a single category and North America another. The seasons of the year identify the likelihood of carrying a full plane while low season identifies there may automatically be less weight on board.

Aer Lingus Cabin Baggage Size

When it comes to Aer Lingus cabin baggage size, each passenger is allowed a suitcase with the dimensions, 55 cm. x 40 cm. x 24 cm. Aer Lingus hand luggage allowance is 10 kgs. and unless a passenger is packing particularly heavy items, that should be sufficient for the suitcase including its own weight. The baggage may have solid sides or be a soft bag, in which case it can be squeezed into any frame at check in when a passenger gets a boarding pass as long as there is nothing breakable or generally fragile in the bag.

In addition to the main carry on suitcase, every passenger can have a small piece of hand luggage such as a handbag or laptop, as well as a coat. If the Aer Lingus cabin baggage is too large either in weight or dimensions, it will not be permitted as carry on luggage. If that results in a passenger effectively wanting to take too much weight, there will be fees to pay.

Prohibited Items In Hand Luggage

Airport security personnel have the job of ensuring passenger safety and that includes not allowing any potentially dangerous items being put into an Aer Lingus carry on suitcase. These items include any weapon, which effectively includes anything sharp, usually metallic, and excessive liquids. Regulations on liquids are fairly standard in the airline industry with each liquid only permitted in volume up to 100 millilitres in a transparent and sealable container. Multiple containers are allowed in a carry on suitcase but they must all be additionally placed into a larger transparent container with a maximum capacity of a single litre. Aerosols are treated in a similar way in Aer Lingus baggage. These are aspects to bear in mind when placing toiletries into your suitcase. Regular flyers are likely to be used to this and know exactly what to pack and where.

Aer Lingus Hand Luggage Allowance Limits

The allowance for carry on luggage is purely for the suitcase and not for a personal item such as a handbag, any coat or something like a bag containing items needed for a baby during a flight. On international flights, most passengers do tax free shopping and whatever they buy is not included in any restrictions.

How to Pack Your Roller Case

Space is precious and should not be wasted. The hand luggage allowance is sufficient for most occasions as long as the baggage is packed neatly and unnecessary things are left at home. Those who pack at the last minute are likely to throw things in without too much though. A little planning and your suitcase will hold everything wanted and needed. If there are pouches in the suitcase then anything that might be wanted quickly is readily accessible.

The best way to pack clothing very much depends on the shape of your bag or suitcase. Sometimes, if the hand luggage has bars to strengthen it, folding clothing may not be as effective as rolling it up. Rolling it neatly means that travellers should still avoid having to iron it once the taxi has dropped them at the hotel. Simply hang it in the wardrobe and it should be in good condition.

The choice of suitcase itself is important.  Those that pick one that is sturdy, on wheels, yet not too heavy in itself are making a wise decision.  A suitcase with pouches make some items immediately accessible. Those who establish a routine for packing, with things put into the same position within the Aer Lingus hand luggage each time it is packed, are unlikely to waste any space. It is a good idea to make sure to use the Aer Lingus hand luggage allowance efficiently and to the full.

The marketing industry loves packaging. It is one of the things that helps attract consumers, resulting in purchases. It is rare that the same packaging needs to be other than discarded. Certainly, it will take up some unnecessary space in the suitcase so it should be discarded.

Aer Lingus Carry On Suitcase Recommendations

Aer Lingus cabin baggage size is similar to many other airlines. There is no standard size across the airline industry, even though the International Air Transport Association (IATA) would like it to be the case. Passengers and suitcase manufacturers would like that as well perhaps? There are no major differences of course, but it is important to check the exact Aer Lingus cabin baggage restrictions before arrival at the airport to get a boarding pass.

Aer Lingus cabin baggage size has been decided based upon what is reasonable, and what can fit easily into the overhead lockers even when the plane is reasonably full of passengers each carry their own hand luggage allowance.

Aer Lingus Cabin Baggage Regulations

As with the other airliners in the IAG Group are fixed regulations for an Aer Lingus carry on suitcase; that is both in dimensions and weight. Aer Lingus publishes those regulations and they have been laid out in this article as well. Aer Lingus hand luggage should be sufficient for all its passengers to be able to take the things they want as they travel. Happy flying!

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